6 Holiday Kids Crafts in 15 Minutes or Less

Nobody loves holidays more than children! For parents, one of the biggest joys is seeing your little ones get caught up in the magic and wonder of the season. You can see their creative minds soar through imaginative play and festive art projects. You just don’t want it to be too messy—the cleanup can take away the joy of crafting. For the sake of your child’s attention span, you’ll also want to make sure the craft can be done in a timely manner. Also, don’t forget to use kid-safe craft materials like non-toxic paints and safety scissors. Check out these six holiday crafts your kids can do this holiday season.

October Crafts

Paper Plate Mummies

This one is very simple and fun! Start out by coloring a non-coated paper plate. Then, glue two googly eyes onto the plate and let it sit for two minutes. Cut out 5 to 8 stripes of crepe paper off the roll and use a glue stick to glue it onto the plate. After the glue has dried, you’ll want to punch a hole in the top so you can hang it with string. This is a fun and easy craft, and it shows off your little one’s creativity!


Patchwork Pumpkins

Discover how creative your little one can be with this cute pumpkin project! Have them cut out a pumpkin shape from cardstock or construction paper. Then, put together an assortment of orange and yellow-colored shapes and textures and let them glue them onto the pumpkin. You could even add magnets to the back of the pumpkin so that you can show off your little artist’s work on the kitchen fridge!


November Crafts

Turkey Place Card Holders

This cute turkey place card holder is sure to get your kiddo excited for Thanksgiving this year! First, you’ll need to loop the pipe cleaner in half and twist the ends of each pipe stem together making “feathers”. Have them glue the pipe stem feathers to the base of the pinecone.

Next, you’ll want to cut a small triangle from yellow construction papers to use as a beak and a red squiggle from red paper to use as the turkey’s snood. Then, glue two googly eyes, the beak, and the snood to a pom-pom ball and then glue that pom-pom ball on the narrow end of the pinecone, this creates the turkey’s heads.

Finally, trim index cards to 2” x 3” and have your child write the name of the Thanksgiving guest on the card. Place the card into the pinecone and you’re all set! 


Nature Turkeys

Go on a little nature field trip with your child. Have them gather a variety of leaves, twigs, feathers, and other things that they’ll be able to use to create a collage-like turkey. Glue the “feathers” to a piece of craft paper and hang your nature turkey for everyone to see.



Handprint Wreath

Green paint, paper, and maybe a bow is all you’ll need for this easy holiday craft. Have your child place their hands in green paint and then onto a large circular piece of paper. Repeat this until the handprints have formed a full circle. It would also be a great idea to create one of these as a family using everyone’s prints!


Popsicle Santa

A true crafter knows that anything can become art! Gather together a bunch of popsicle sticks, cotton balls, paper, glitter, and googly eyes and see if you and your little one can recreate the magic of the holiday season by putting together a popsicle stick Santa Claus.


Happy Holidays from My Childcare Academy!

We are so excited to see the crafts you and your children make! If you got inspired and try one of the ones featured above, please post about it on Instagram or Facebook and tag @mychildcareacademy so we can see it!

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