Parent Resources

Welcome to My Childcare Academy! We are so pleased to be working with your family! To help you understand what your child or children will be doing daily at our Academy we offer you these resources and be sure to get on our waiting list!

Our Waitlist

The Brightwheel App

Brightwheel logo for preschool and daycare
Have you ever asked your child, “What did you learn today?” only to hear the answer, “I don’t know!” or for them to come up with an answer that you have no idea what they’re talking about? At My Childcare Academy, we want you to be able to stay connected with your child throughout the day and to know what they’re learning – which is why we use Brightwheel. It’s software that allows parents to stay informed about their child’s activities throughout the day. Our staff will use the program to manage our classrooms and document your child’s learning milestones with pictures and videos that you can easily access.

Forms and Contracts

We ask that each parent sign their designated contracts to ensure the safety and liability of their children.

Welcome to Parents

Our director, Shana Ashby, would like to welcome you to My Childcare Academy. In this document, she has outlined items that you should bring to our facility for your child.

About Me Sheet
Sunscreen Permission Form


The Parentsโ€™ Handbook

We ask that all parents read this handbook so that they can be aware of our rules regarding drop-offs, admission, withdrawal, and other must-know information.

The Contract

At My Childcare Academy, your child’s safety and overall well-being is our top priority. This contract goes through a variety of terms and conditions that we require of our parents for that purpose and to enhance your child’s experience with us.

Guaranteed Start Agreement

Learn how you can hold your childโ€™s spot and guarantee their admission into My Childcare Academy.

Child Admission Agreement Health Assessment

We take great care to ensure the health of your child. Please fill out this form so that we are informed of any allergies or medical history.

Photo Release

As we post both on our Instagram and Facebook pages daily, it’s important that we never post a photo of your child without your permission. Please sign this contract if you are permitting us to post photos of your child on social platforms.

Food Program Enrollment

We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks as part of our program. Please mark the meals you would like your child to be served and let us know if your child has any dietary restrictions so we can cater to their needs. If your child is eligible for reduced meals, please see this form.

Food Policy Form