Parent Resources

Welcome to My Childcare Academy! We are so pleased to be working with your family! To help you understand what your child or children will be doing daily at our Academy we offer you these resources to download. We ask that each parent sign their designated contracts to ensure the safety and liability of their children.

Child Contract

This contract simply outlines the hours that your child will be learning with us, while covering both parties to ensure the safety of your child.

Infant Contract

Because infants require a lot more specialized care than any toddler or above, we ask that any parent wishing to enroll their infant in our program sign this contract. Again this is simply to outline the responsibilities of both parties while keeping your child safe and accounted for.

Medication Form

If your child requires any special medication we ask that you fill out this form so we can know when and how much to give them. We take the utmost care to care for your child or infant just as you would so please provide us with any additional information you can about their care.

Photo Release Rorm

As we post both on our Instagram and Facebook pages daily, it’s important that we never post a photo of your child without your permission. Please sign this contract if you are permitting us to post photos of your child on social platforms.

Transportation Release Form

If you would like your child to be a part of our transportation services please fill out this form. We offer pick up and drop off, and you can contact us here for schedules and more information.

Admission Agreement Health Assessment

We take equal care to ensure the health of your child. Please fill out this form so we may maintain the health of your child during their time with us.