My Childcare Academy’s Curriculum for Young Learners

We’re all about learning through play and experiences! When parents first hear that, they often think of Montessori. While our program is similar to Montessori, we’re very goal-centered and lesson plan-oriented. Yet, we make play, creativity, and hands-on activities a part of everything we do. Keep reading to learn about some of the fun learning we’re doing!

Our Different Programs

Preschool: Ages 3-4

three year old girl doing an art project
Preschool is where academic learning begins! This is where they learn the fundamental things that they’ll use throughout their lives. They’ll start to learn their shapes, colors, letters, and numbers—the basics that they’ll continue to build on during their academic years. If you think about it, we use these basics every single day of our lives. Three and four year olds tend to soak things up like a sponge and take a lot of pride in the new things they learn.

Here, our preschool children will discover STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). Many of their activities and lessons will also focus on literacy, large motor skills, fine motor skills, and music! We also have monthly themes, like Under the Sea, which will play a role in everything they do. It helps make learning an adventure!

Pre-K: Ages 4-5

children clapping at school

This is the year before Kindergarten, and so it’s very important that your little one is prepared both socially and academically. Our Pre-K program builds off of what children learned in preschool. They’ll learn to put letters together and really start reading! We’ll teach them to count to 100 as well as do simple addition and subtraction.

Here, we focus on making sure your child hits the milestones they’ll need to transition successfully into elementary school. Along with academic milestones, they’ll learn stranger danger and basic safety-focused skills. Plus, they’ll memorize their parents’ phone numbers, which is critical in the event they need to get a hold of them.

Learn More About Our Preschool!

Our Activities

children playing with slime

Have you ever done an egg drop? Our students have! Hands-on experiments like this helps them learn to be creative, to problem solve, and to design and build. They’ll also discover scientific skills like forming hypotheses—they’ll decide why something will work and then evaluate why it did or didn’t work afterwards.

Activities are a huge part of our engaging curriculum. Certain activities may revolve around electricity, chemical reactions, physics, etc. While some activities will be structured and planned around these educational subjects, a lot of our activities will touch on these things but in ways where they’re just having fun and learning through play. For example, they’ll learn about animals as they make clay elephants, sing songs about animals, read books, paint tigers, create habitat dioramas, or even go on a field trip to the zoo. We’re all about teaching everything in different ways, so we can make sure that knowledge is retained and students with different learning styles are reached.

Focus on Socialization

We do a lot of group activities! Children learn communication, teamwork, and collaboration through play and our structured activities and lessons. They’re taught empathy and to think of others. When children run into problems with their peers, they’re encouraged to practice healthy conflict resolution strategies. When they throw tantrums or when things don’t go their way, they’re not disciplined for their negative response. Instead, they’re given the tools to help them regulate their emotions and make good decisions.

Is Your Child Ready for My Childcare Academy?

Are you ready to enroll your child in our preschool or Pre-K program? Our team is eager to meet you and your little one! Give us a call at (385) 337-2156 to learn about our available spots. Also, feel free to check out our parent resources page where our parent handbook and contract are.

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