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My Childcare Academy Oct 18 2022

There are times in our facility when we may have to consider disenrolling a child due to difficult behaviors. While we hate saying goodbye, there are times when it is necessary. Read more about how we handle disenrollments.

My Childcare Academy May 02 2022

Are you ready for your child to start preschool? We have the perfect guide to help you find the right preschool in South Jordan. My Childcare Academy offers helpful tips and resources to assist you in finding the best education for your child!

My Childcare Academy Feb 01 2022

A low ratio of students to teachers is a critical factor to look for in any childcare facility or preschool. Discover the numerous benefits of a low student-to-teacher ratio here.

My Childcare Academy May 04 2021

Your little one is growing up, and it’s time to learn how to count! This is an important and foundational milestone that will help them throughout their lives. Click on this post to learn some helpful tips for teaching counting!

My Childcare Academy Apr 01 2021

Early childhood education is very important! Are you curious what your child will be learning here at My Childcare Academy? Read on to learn about our preschool and Pre-K curriculum.